The company is ­a new vehicle for Nick Hartwright, leading social entrepreneur.

HartwrightStark works with planners, agencies and developers to shape the character of new communities. The company adds quantifiable value to developments ensuring that people and businesses and their needs are integrated into building schemes of all sizes.

The company advises at masterplan and pre-development stages. It supervises space utilisation and fitout during development phases. It subsequently manages buildings ongoing, filling those spaces with artists, creatives, startups and entrepreneurs. It creates service establishments – food service, ancillary and exhibition space – to support them as they grow.

HartwrightStark delivers high-quality mixed-use affordable space for businesses, artists, designers and creative SMEs in London, currently operating 200,000 square foot of workspace, studio space and hotel space across the capital and supporting 150 creative businesses. Current projects range from 14-unit infill spaces to 5000-unit schemes.

Hartwright has been championing social enterprise for eight years, and receives significant financial support from the GLA’s London Regeneration Fund and others.

Developers are increasingly realising the benefits an integrated social enterprise element can bring to their projects. We’re happy to wear your company hat and can work on a joint venture, integrated or turnkey basis.

HartwrightStark represents a rationalisation of Hartwright’s current portfolio of companies. Joining him at executive level will be:

Alan Drew, with whom Nick has worked since his early projects in the east end over the past decade and who will be steering things behind the scenes.

Dan Turner, who will be a key account manager and Nick’s right-hand man.

Nick will be hand-picking associates, project managers and advisors from his current projects.­­

HartwrightStark will be headquartered in London’s Soho, with offices in east London and Berlin.

58 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4UF

020 8000 8000